Come and discover where the most admired shoes worldwide are handcrafted. Visit our Lab and wear the wonders that we created for Christmas.

It will be a special Christmas. Enlightened by the Know-How.

Paoul will open the doors of its factory, to welcome the good taste seekers, the true Italian craftsmanship lovers, our loyal Customers. You will observe the hands of our artisans that are working among sewing and manufactures to give birth to exclusive work-of-art that are distributed worldwide.

From Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th, at 11 am and 4 pm, we will offer the free-of-charge Visit of our Production Lab.

It will be an unmissable opportunity to explore very closely the genesis of beauty and taste it in our Store, set up in our factory, during the event.

The Store will be open every day, Saturday 16th included, from 10 am to 7 pm (the Shop in Padua – Via D. Turazza 1 – will be closed just on Saturday).

You will be welcomed in our Test Room, where the best dancers perform their trainings, teachings and test our products, embraced with an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.

For us, this will be the most beautiful way to celebrate Christmas with you.

We will receive you, wishing you our Christmas greetings, and telling you the Values that we have been continuously preserving and safeguarding in a familiar and authentic context.

We wait for you and we kindly ask you to book your space for the guided tour.

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