The XVIII Century

Rococo, passion and adventure.

After the extreme magnificence typical of the Sun King period, here you can find a more contained and subtle type of elegance, made of puffball shirts, long and soft jackets, very elaborate sleeves and buttons, historiated vests, wig and tricorne hats. If you chose the Rococo for your historical re-enactment, you must have the conscious charm of a XVIII-century man. If you want to complete your costume, you can find here our accurate recreations of XVIII-century footwear. They are all created with great attention to details, according to our tradition and the best tools of innovation, in order to provide you with balance and comfort even after standing for many hours. For more peculiar requests, we provide Customization and Maintenance services, so as to adapt our shoes to specific cases or costumes and restore the beauty of our products after use.
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