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Have you ever looked at different lines of shoes and imagined how your favorite model would look like with a thinner strap or higher heels? Do you have specific scenic needs regarding your performance and do you wish that the tango shoes you like had a different color, were brighter, or had accessories matching your dress? Do you have a particular foot shape or specific health needs that make your shoes choice difficult? Our Customization service can meet all these requirements. We know how important it is to wear shoes that make you feel at ease and valued in terms of aesthetic as well as respected when it comes to comfort. As we are aware of the wide range of tastes, occasions, morphologic aspects and health requirements, Paoul customers are given the possibility to request stylistic or structural variations to our shoes. From the most ordinary modification such as the change of color, heel height or the addition of accessories, rhinestones or decorations, to the most difficult variations, for example the customization of the shape or the point of the shoe: Paoul team is ready to please you and make your shoes the best choice for you.


Often, you have clear ideas about what you want. However, sometimes you feel slightly unsatisfied looking at yourself in the mirror while wearing your shoes. Are they too low? Is the strap too thick or thin for the dress you are going to wear? Also in these cases, we stand by your side to support you. Indeed, our Customization service consists of a proper advice service, which can be arranged in person, by phone or videocall, so that we can help you figure out how you can modify the model you like to feel completely comfortable and satisfied with your shoes. Do you want to change the aesthetic of the shoes, their structure or more aspects together? Once understood your needs, we can accurately measure your foot (or we can virtually support you step by step to do it by yourself) and start thinking about your customizations. Sometimes, in case of very peculiar foot shape or if there are other specific needs, we can provide a paid testservice, in order to check the fitting of the shoes, before delivering them. If you require a test service from abroad, delivery costs are at customer’s charge.
Your customized Paoul shoes will be ready within one month: we will keep you updated about the correct date for each order as delivery time could vary according to the customizations or the degree of difficulty of your variations. What is certain is that you will be involved in every step, as we want to make your purchase just as you expected it to be.

Paoul customized shoes can only be returned if foot measures were virtually taken by one of our advisors (our videocall advice service has a cost of around € 50).
It is not possible to return shoes if foot measures were taken by the customer without our guidance.

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“Creating boots up to half chest from scratch has felt like getting involved in a work of art.”



Giacomo is passionate about ancient fencing and he loves historical re-enactment and taking part in events where costumes are interpreted from a modern perspective. He contacted us to share a charming idea: he was looking for a pair of boots made of real leather, which would also be a dress, covering him up to the chest, symmetrical front and back. His idea appealed to us right away. After carrying out the first measurement, we started working enthusiastically and eager to find out how we could give shape to the image he had in mind. It took a long time to complete it given the complexity of the project: since both Giacomo and we have been very busy, it took 12 months considering all the steps required and the realization of the project.

The most critical aspects were the considerable dimension of the footwear (when we created the mold and we reached the cut desk there was no room for it, so we had to come up with some creative ideas, in order to cut it properly…), as well as Giacomo’s need concerning a specific fitting and his request to sew the boots as less as possible. For this reason, we repeatedly took Giacomo’s measures over the months and we found a way to only sew the front part, thus making seams almost invisible. Eventually, the boots were ready. Giacomo was enthusiastic about them since he wore his shoes for the first time. He was completely enveloped by the boots that we created, thus resembling the character of a novel. He was admired at many events he joined and he has already contacted us for another tailored project.

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“Working with colors is amazing. After experiencing their energy following sevel attempts, the moment you find the perfect shade feels like halfway between discover and recognition: you know that everything is accurate and it is just as it should be.”



She bought her first pair of shoes in Hong Kong and she immediately fell in love with it: the court Sidecross (code 1073) with buffalo sole and 7 cm flare heels. Flexible, comfortable and stable. She felt like she was wearing the perfect shoes for her. For this reason, Quyen contacted us to request many color variations on that model. She was looking for the shoes that she could match with each of her dance outfits, so we agreed that she would send us the picture of the precise shade she was looking for and Monica, who deals with satin dyeing, would have prepared several color samples for evaluation and approbation. After finding all the right shades, we enriched her shoes with Swarovski rhinestones, giving shape to the drawing that Quyen sent us.

After placing her first order for 7 pairs, including some shoes for her friends, Quyen requested another 11 customizations of Sidecross for her, four for her friends and other Paoul models for her family. Therefore, now Quyen can wear her Sidecross shoes in pink, green, red, burgundy, grey, fuchsia, black, white, nude, blue, light purple, intense purple and more stunning colors. We always keep in touch and this is what she has recently written to us: “You really surprised me with how it is possible to dye satin with any color. At first, looking through your catalog, I was afraid that there wouldn’t be such a wide chromatic selection, but now I really have amazing shoes!”.

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“It’s never just a pair of shoes. It’s a way of feeling well, safe and beautiful, return to freedom and express your energy.”



She used to love dancing Argentine tango, but she had to give up. Rosalia suffered from Morton’s neuroma, an inflammatory disease that mainly affects women; this disease caused very strong pain to her feet throughout the day. Often, when she walked she had to stop, sit down and remove her footwear. Wearing shoes with heels was clearly impossible for her. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Rosalia managed to find a very good orthopedic, who created proper orthopedic insoles, which fully met her needs. Finally, she was able to walk without pain. Nevertheless, she felt unsatisfied as she liked beautiful and feminine shoes and was unhappy about wearing trainers or long trousers, in order to hide her orthopedic footwear.

When we met, she just couldn’t believe it: “Will I be able to wear sandals with heels for real?”. We smiled and said yes. After taking all her foot measures and figuring out her specific needs, we started from her favorite Tango shoes and changed the last, so that the orthopedic insole could fit into the shoes. As soon as she wore them, Rosalia enthusiastically smiled back at us. Since then, she has contacted us every year, in order to create customized sandals. And she started dancing Tango again the way she did before, if not better.


Sometimes, customizing our collections is not enough. Our customers might have very original ideas, an artistic exhibition out of ordinary or specific health needs. In these cases, our Paoul team creates an authentic tailored pair of shoes for you. An exclusive model, which will no longer be reproduced once delivered. Express your own individuality, wear what you are and enjoy the privilege of a unique product, which is the result of an ancient and fine artisanal tradition and the best tools of innovation.

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