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Conquest, joy, creativity, conflict. Dance has always been part of human history and it is one of the most ancient tools for artistic expression. Dance means to completely immerse yourself into the culture of a population and learn to know yourself and stand out. As we love dance, we know how essential it is to move with the best tools. Therefore, since 1970s we have designed and created the world’s most appreciated Italian dance shoes in partnership with the best international artists. Their product testing, a combination of traditional competencies and innovative technology are the main ingredients for our production process. This is how we create the perfect shoes for the dance floor: balanced, flexible, breathable, and extremely comfortable, even after wearing them for many hours. Look through them and get ready to make the difference.

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Black PatentBlack Patent
Black SuèdeBlack Suède
Black LeatherBlack Leather
Black PatentBlack Patent
Black Nappa LeatherBlack Nappa Leather
Shading Off ClothShading Off Cloth
Hispania Fantasy ClothHispania Fantasy Cloth
Silver And Black Universe ClothSilver And Black Universe Cloth
Black Saffiano Printed LeatherBlack Saffiano Printed Leather
Black LeatherBlack Leather
Black LeatherBlack Leather
Black PatentBlack Patent
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