Advanced technology, constant product testing, cooperation with leading institutions for education and research

They are comfortable, long-lasting, breathable, and high-performance: Paoul shoes are created with all these features due to great attention to innovation and the special interaction with professional dancers, who give their contribution to the creation of all our shoes testing them on the dance floor. We design our shoes challenging the rules for traditional footwear until better results are achieved for people who want to wear them either on the dance floor or every day.


Beyond classical shoe making

paoul technological innovation 1

Special sole padding, internal reinforcements and balanced heels. These are some of the features that distinguish our shoes and make them pleasant and safe to wear. We create them starting from our artisanal tradition, rigorously using the shapes and secrets belonging to our know-how and bounding them to the tests run by professional dancers and innovation devices.

For instance, to ensure the maximum precision we use tools including the CAD CAM cutting system. Furthermore, we produce innovation ourselves: from internal machineries to the details of materials and cloths which we develop with our suppliers, such as the special transpiring lining.

A continuous synergy between us, dancers, suppliers and research institutions

In our workshop, we adopt the principles of lean manufacturing, thus making all processes easier and more flowing. Our production was computerized already back in 2007, before industry 4.0 became a recurring topic: each step that takes place in the factory is registered within our management software, in order to be always updated on the production progress status, raw material needs, the warehouse stocks and much more. This choice, which is unusual for manufacturing companies, enables us to analyze and improve processes.
We aim to manage our company increasingly adopting the principles of circular economy. We are currently collaborating with the Politecnico Calzaturiero (the footwear polytechnic) and sharing research projects concerning Industry 4.0 with Institutions and Universities. We create continuous synergy between our team, dancers, suppliers and research realities as we want to combine balance, flexibility, stability, transpiration all in one pair of shoes, which increasingly becomes more comfortable and high performing.

paoul technological innovation 2


A place for innovation, meeting and improvement

paoul sala collaudi

Synergy with dancers is the core of our craftsmanship and, since 1997, the Test Room represents the heart of Paoul technical studies. In this 350 square meters room, we are used to have our shoes tested by the best professional dancers and get their feedback to improve the features and performance of our products. This is what we call ‘Dance Technology’: the continuous innovation that comes from our interaction with dancers.

Starting from their suggestions and needs – whether they are looking for shoes ensuring the best performance for new dance steps or providing higher flexibility – we study together every detail and we challenge the rules of traditional shoemaking to make dancers satisfied with the result.

A special meeting point for dance professionals and hobbyists

paoul sala collaudi 2

The Room is also the meeting place for dance enthusiasts and the world of sport: since the opening, it has been made available to associations, fitness activities, teachers and students from all over the world for meetings, classes, training sessions or events.

As mentioned in our history, the Test Room has a relevant historic role: on its Inauguration Day, the first meeting occurred between the President of FIDS (the Italian Federation of Sport Dance) and the Vice President Representative of the “Associazione Nazionale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia” (the national association of Italy’s athletes), which led to the admission of FIDS to CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee).

If you want to visit the Room or rent it, write us here: or call us at + 39 049.8790025.

Note: We have currently suspended activities in the Test Room in compliance with safety rules in force. We will reopen as soon as possible.



Training, coaching and contamination of ideas

We like to increase knowledge and we believe that sharing is the best way of achieving it. For this reason, the Paoul Academy was established in 2016 with the aim of delivering learning programs, promoting ideas exchange and encouraging initiative. It was created as an annual coaching event for resellers to provide them with knowledge and the most up-to-date tools to support final customers. The standard version of the Paoul Academy entails 2 days of detailed study with the internal company spokespersons and renowned external professors dealing with production, marketing, vendite e del management with special moments dedicated to listeners, such as the customized advice.

paoul academy 1

Sharing knowledge is a way of improving it

paoul academy 2

The activities of the Paoul Academy do not finish here. Over the years, we have organized round table discussions with experts from different fields; single training evenings; meetings with dance schools; company visits, such as the Open factory, which aimed to show our production reality first-hand to the public. In 2017, during our 50th Anniversary, we have scheduled a full week of events. From sport practice to the history of craftsmanship, as well as production mechanisms and customizations for the entertainment world, including new media management and new style trends, from decision making to poise, there are many topics we deal with and our aim for the future is to continue involving more customers and enthusiasts through meaningful paths that show them the essence of Paoul.

If you are interested and would like further information on future events,
write us here: or call us at + 39 049.8790025.