The Tudor Age

The shiver of living during the age of Henry VIII.

Go back to the age of Anne Boleyn. Wear the same sumptuous dresses as she did, which were made of superb fabrics, velvet or brocade, with wide sleeves and many ornaments. Choose the colors according to the fashion trends of that age: emerald green, cobalt blue, intense red or black, which was a very demanded tone back in those days as it was very expensive and difficult to produce. Lastly, the shoes. Here you can find our collection: handcrafted and extremely long-lasting footwear, which are produced with philological care and special attention to comfort to make you feel at ease during historical re-enactments or themed events, even when you stand for many hours. You can ask to customize your shoes according to your morphologic or costume needs or request our Maintenance service.
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