Find out here the safe and easy payment methods you can use anywhere you are

We want to make your life as easy as possible, so we provide different options for payment. Choose your favorite method between:

  • credit card
  • prepaid card
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • bank transfer
  • Postepay (for Italy)
  • cash on delivery

Your account will be charged according to your bank conditions.

Your card will be charged when the transaction will be completed successfully.

Credit card

In relation to credit card, remember that the details required for payment must match with those on your card. Transaction may be declined due to a simple typing mistake: fill out carefully all the required fields!

Some credit cards require a further security code provided by your bank, that you need to enter when confirming your payment, so as to prevent online fraud.

You might have some issues with the transaction if you exceed the credit limit or in case of expired credit card.
Your bank will give you all the information you need regarding your card and the different options available for payment.


Our online shop prices correspond to Paoul official price list for the public, including taxes (the VAT rate is 22% for Italy and other European countries).

Delivery costs are not included.

The price list is sent to the whole Italian distribution net, in order to ensure price homogeneity in the country. Our list is recommended but not binding: a reseller can decide to increase product prices for personal choice (it is not allowed to decrease prices, so as to prevent unfair competition).

Abroad, prices could change according to the strategic choice of our resellers and depending on delivery fees, customs clearance costs and other additional expenses.