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Our history

From the 1950s until today, discover the most important stages of Paoul

Paoul Museum

A real journey through history
paoul museo

Art, costume, ideas, materials.
Paoul Museum tells the history of our company and the evolution of craftsmanship in the footwear industry of the Riviera del Brenta (the most famous Shoe District for elegant shoes in the world).

Here, you can see the machineries originally used at the beginning of Paoul’s history: they are placed in the same order as back in those days, before the industrialization occurred. Furthermore, a wide range of objects is displayed, together with the equipment more than a century old, which belonged to Paolo Pizzocaro’s personal collection.

The Museum includes the first machineries that were purchased: the skiving machines, the machineries to model the point of the shoe, the milling machine, the “pomicino”(a form of sand-paper), the press and the typical dual function equipment, such as the machine to rasp heels and the desk with brushes, which were used with the aim of saving room and responding to the economic needs of the company.

An heritage of objects and equipment more than a century old

paoul attrezzature museo 1

Work tools hooked to the bicycle for home repair

paoul attrezzature museo 2

Assembly desk

paoul attrezzature museo 3

Finishing desk

You can also find the machineries that Paolo personally modified, so as to improve some of their functions, such as the heel nailing machine. Moreover, in the Museum you can see the characteristic devices of the 20th century shoemakers, for instance, the typical bicycle equipped with a wood stand, seat and tools, which was used for home repairs.

It follows an ancient section, which shows the instruments used before Paoul was founded.

Among the equipment, you can still find the machinery where Paolo found the stamp that gave rise to the name of the brand.
Do you not know what we are talking about? Read again here! (link pagina tappe storia).

The Museum represents a real cultural route that witnesses the deep value of Italian craftsmanship.
It was inaugurated on July 21st, 2007, on the occasion of Paoul 40th Anniversary, by Marcellino Doni, the President of the Politecnico Calzaturiero s.c.a.r.l (the Footwear Polytecnic s.c.a.r.l.) and by Franco Ballin, the Vice President of A.N.C.I. (the Italian National Shoe Factory Association). From 2021, the Museum was incorporated into the company headquarter, so that visitors can enjoy a complete experience of our products life cycle and their history all in one location.

If you are interested to visit our Museum and you want to deepen your knowledge about the history of our company and the Footwear District, or in case you are thinking about organizing an event or an educational experience, you can find us here:


Via Emilia Romagna, 12
35020 Villatora di Saonara (PD)
Open on appointment.

The opening and the Museum activities are currently suspended in compliance with the safety rules in force.
We will reopen as soon as possible.

The artisans of the dance shoe

Made in Riviera del Brenta
paoul artigiani

We belong to our land, memories and the Footwear District of Riviera del Brenta.
In this area, which extends from Padua to Venice along the stream of the Brenta river, where Venetian villas overlook and in the squares you can smell fresh fish, a manufacturing tradition developed over the centuries and it became famous worldwide.

Did you know that the first Guild of Venetian Shoemakers dates back to 1268 and that the quality of this manufacturing is appreciated to such an extent that the most renowned international fashion brands entrust their shoe production to contractors of this area?

From preliminary research to the packaging of each item: all processes take place in our factory

Gestures, skills and knowledge of the materials we use to create new shoes every day are the heritage of this peculiar artisanal tradition, which has been treasured by our parents.
We have maintained and preserved it to the point that our Made in Italy is very radical.

We are honored to create our shoes with such a history behind us and artisanal knowledge between our hands and to have the possibility to convey all this to future generations.

Shoes created to last

Beautiful, comfortable and safe for a really, really long time

All Paoul shoes are created with great attention to the smallest detail: from the first pencil sketches to the selection of materials, from new technologies to product testing. In addition to our study and continuous skills updating, the secret ingredient of our work is listening to the suggestions of our partners, the best international professional dancers who test our shoes and regularly provide us with feedback on how to improve performance and comfort.

paoul fatto per durare
The best international professional dancers test our shoes
paoul accorgimenti

For this reason, Paoul shoes do not get damaged but slowly wear out like the embellishment of a Venetian palace. Here, you can find our advice about the best way to preserve your shoes. Our Maintenance and Repair service enables you to further increase their duration and refresh their aesthetics.
Our aim is not making you buy more, but making you buy better.


When art meets technique with passion

Study. Rigor. Knowledge.
Tact. Sensitivity. Genius.
From the first research and drawings to finishing and packaging, in addition to many other steps including meetings, the selection of models, turning drawings into last, cut file processing with a CAD software, printing, last carving, skiving, hemming, gluing, bandage, pre-assembly and assembly. The creation of Paoul shoes follows the same rhythm of an animated dance and it is the result of a process which is constantly nourished and improved.
Watch here.

The leadership of Paoul today

Three souls, one aim: continuing the mission of Paolo

Maria Teresa, Katia, Cinzia.
Mother and daughters, just one aim: continuing, evolving and making the history of Paoul increasingly compelling. Katia manages finance and business strategy besides coordinating the different work teams and the commercial department. Cinzia supervises the creative and production departments and she deals with research and development. Maria Teresa plays an essential role with her great experience and detailed knowledge of all processes. Today, the family Pizzocaro continues to run the company founded by Paolo.

paoul alla guida oggi

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