The XIX Century

Get ready for your revolution.

A century of revolutions, great scientific and geographic expansion, costumes, distinguished and elegant style: the1800s is the ideal scenario for historical re-enactments or themed events. Geometrical collars, jackets that remind military uniforms, neck handkerchiefs, imperial top or pork pie hats and walking sticks. For the feet, boots or simple and slender ankle boots. If you want to immerse yourself in this rigorous and full or promises age, choose here the right footwear for your costume. We produce shoes for historical re-enactments and themed events preserving the historic tradition and using the best tools of technology to ensure comfort, balance and transpiration for many, many hours.
Do you have specific needs related to your costume or foot shape? You can ask for a customization: we will adapt your favorite model to the style and shape that you are looking for, preserving historic authenticity. If you want to restore the shoes you are already wearing, our Maintenance service is perfect for you.
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