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If you want to be powerful on stage, you must feel unrestrained and free to move and express the strength of your character to the fullest. Paoul has always created the most special show footwear, side by side with directors, actors, performers, theatre companies or dance teams. A few Italian names? Enrico Brignano, Claudio Bisio, Paola Cortellesi, Michelle Hunziker, or the Venetian masquerade party Ballo del Doge and many more. Our shoes are original, seducing and, above all, they provide such comfort that you will feel light even after performing for many hours. If you work for the world of theatre or cinema, you need to take part in a musical or a TV show or you just want to wear special shoes for a video you want to post on social media, here you can find what you are looking for. Also, you can request to make adjustments, changes or customizations according to your original ideas.
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Camel SuèdeCamel Suède
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