Custom-made shoes for the best occasions and for the most creative personalities

Paoul's Tailored Collection

Often when you are looking at shop windows or reading through magazines you come up with brilliant ideas and you think how nice it would be to fulfill them. You are often looking for the shoes with the characteristics, materials and colors you like, but you never find them.

All proposals look so common and ordinary and they do not match with what you have in mind. Or you need to take part to an event or a social occasion and you want to stand out. Or more: your foot morphology makes it difficult for you to feel comfortable with ordinary shoes and you need special attention and a sui generis foot shape. If this is the case, you are on the right page. From the beginning, in addition to all other production lines, Paoul has created for the customers the Tailored line: unique custom-made shoes manufactured according to the most special requirements of our customers, whether it concerns the aesthetic, specific occasions or health.

After discussing about your idea and taking the required measures, we will define the details, cloths, accessories and give shape to your wishes. The product we create will only be yours: a unique piece which will never be produced again.
However original your requests can be, our Tailored shoes will always maintain these characteristics: extreme comfort, balance, flexibility and transpiration as these are peculiar features that distinguish all Paoul products. We combine the footwear tradition of the Veneto region with innovation devices and trustworthy product testing.

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