The most comfortable casual shoes from tradition and technology

Paoul's Daily Collection

If you are a person of character, you are quite likely to put your well-being first. Regardless of fashion and conventions. You do not follow trends and what matters the most to you is to fully express yourself.

Therefore, this collection was created for you: daily shoes you can wear to go to the office, to drink something with your friends or to collect your child from school. They are truly beautiful and comfortable. We have produced them combining our long 100% Italian footwear tradition with the latest innovation discoveries and trustworthy and constant product testing.

The outcome is our collection of daily shoes, which ensures glamor, stability, balance and transpiration to make you feel at ease after a long day spent with energy. They are very long-lasting thanks to the excellent quality of their manufacture and materials; ourMaintenance service can further increase their duration with appropriate repair. You can also customize them choosing the details according to your needs and preferences.

Live according to your style and choose what makes you feel well. Here you can find our comfortable and beautiful collection for an every day use.