Balance, comfort and transpiration. Ladies and gentlemen, our shoes for the entertainment world

Paoul's Theatre Collection

On stage it is crucial to feel light, supple and free with your movements. This is the only way to convey the intensity of your character to the audience.

Paoul has handcrafted shoes for the entertainment world for more than fifty years, since our founder Paolo Pizzocaro started his collaborations with some atelier of Venice to prepare the costumes for the Carnival of Venice. We have always manufactured footwear for theatre, musicals, shows, parties, themed events and special artistic occasions. Our shoes are worn by actors, presenters, performers, comics, singers and dance teams, from Italy to New York. Would you like to know some Italian names? Enrico Brignano, Irene Pivetti, Giorgio Panariello, Paola Cortellesi, to mention a few of them.
We create specific shoes for history lovers, who immerse themselves in the back-in-the-days atmosphere and live and dress according to the fashion of different ages: our products for theatre re-enactments and theme parties are shoes with a strong aesthetic impact. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are produced with great attention to details so as to ensure historical authenticity.

Indeed, all our shoes are stable, flexible, transpiring and provide an incredible well-being to the foot, also after wearing them for many hours, in that they are the result of the combination between traditional know-how and more innovative devices. Furthermore, they are meticulously tested before being launched on the market. We select only the best quality materials and the safest manufacturing process to assemble our footwear components. For this reason, Paoul shoes are very long-lasting (if you need any Maintenance service, their duration is further increased). In addition to the collection showed here, you can request a customization service for your favorite shoes or create a single single custom-made piece.

Be inspired by your instinct and find what is best for you among our creations.