For each moment, a masterpiece

Paoul's Vision

We want to live in a world where people, men or women, can feel free to express themselves, regardless of labels, fashion and conventions. A world filled with creativity, initiative, determination, dreams and happiness. A world which welcomes all kind of styles: from the most eccentric and over the top to the most intimate and minimalist. A world which sets no limits to ideas. A world where there is no need to suffer to be beautiful. A world where even the simplest moment is considered as such: a small, unique and precious masterpiece.


Creating, offering and promoting beauty

Our mission is to create, produce and place on the market high-quality footwear and accessories, which are refined in terms of aesthetics, long-lasting and comfortable, for the world of dance and show as well as special events and daily use. With our wealth of traditional competencies and innovative knowledge, we work side by side with artists and ordinary people of different ages and from different countries, who want to feel well while dancing, acting or living their life. With our work, we provide our customers with the tools to make their dreams come true. We do it with joy, as we believe that each happy person is like a treasure to all of us.

Paoul Mission


Our principles

Paoul Valori ed Etica Aziendale

Our company was founded by a family and, like all families, it relies on its own principles.
The goodness of what we do: we believe that it is essential to create something beautiful every day, safe and useful, which makes people feel comfortable regardless of fashion and conditioning and enables them to freely express themselves.


Growth: the willingness of continuous improvement in terms of competence, being updated about the trends of a fast-moving world, meritocracy and the creation of opportunities for talented people.

patrimonio culturale

The esteem of our cultural heritage: we feel lucky about being born in Italy from an artistic and geographical point of view. We want to take care of the heritage of traditions with which we were entrusted and become ambassadors of this inheritance to the world.


Well-being: we want a healthy and pleasant environment for everyone. For us, our partners, our suppliers and customers.


Creativity: we love new ideas and original solutions as well as observing the world, variety, artistic contamination, inspiration and new stories to tell.


Your advisors

During each step of our manufacturing process we put our customers at the center, together with their needs, characteristics and aims. From the creation of new lines and collections to post-sale and support services: we give priority to the requests of our audience.
We believe in the value of diversity against homologation, well-being and comfort as opposed to the empty and not that wearable luxury; for this reason, all our collections are comfortable, regardless of production lines, design, heel height or sole shape.
We like to listen carefully to our customer needs and come up with solutions for everyone, supporting with care and respect their choice process. We offer special services, such as the Customization or Tailored footwear, which consists of custom-made shoes aiming to provide a valid solution to everyone’s needs, including customers who have a peculiar foot morphology or more creative requests. We are flexible and available to support people who live far from us or are unable to meet us in person, thanks to our distance advice service; for instance, we can teach how to measure the feet properly in order to find the most suitable size or recommend the best models according to each type of dance, performance or situation. We can rely on a net of partners in the fashion world, which provides further style advice.


We make the world dance

Paoul cuore cosmopolita

Dance is the secret language of every culture.
From the beginning, Paoul has always interacted with dancers and professionals from all countries, producing shoes for artists and dance enthusiasts from America to the Far East, adapting our collections to different styles and sensitivity.
Today we export our products to 40 countries around the world and we take part in some of the most renowned international events. We love the inspiration which comes from the encounter with different cultures and we want to offer the best welcome to the customers who live far from us, communicating with them with immediacy.
This is the reason why our team speaks fluently four languages: Italian, English, German and French.


Long-lasting products, repair encouragement and green suppliers

Paoul sostenibilità ambientale

We think that beauty does not exclusively belong to artistic creations, it also lies in the actions inspired by respect and sensitivity.
The planet where we live is important. For this reason, from the conception of the shoes to the disposal of production wastes, concrete actions are taken so as to reduce our environmental impact and promote good practice.
First of all, we invest in top-quality materials and specific manufacture processes to create very long-lasting items; our Repair and Maintenance service further increases the duration of our shoes. In this way, we reduce consumer waste, promoting reuse and we focus on crucial topics such as improvement and reparability.
We select suppliers who share our sensitivity: the paper we use for packaging is FSC-certified, which means that for each cut-down tree, a new one is planted. Our return percentage is very low: it is equal to 0.002% per year. We aim to create our future products using recycled raw materials, according to the principles of the circular economy.


The highest safety for each manufacturing stage

Paoul tutela 1
Paoul tutela 2

Health and well-being are essential to live our passions. This is the reason why our materials, finishes, and the substances used for production are carefully selected and checked, in order to ensure safety to our customers and collaborators.
We meet all European Safety Standardsand our suppliers are requested to guarantee that no toxic substances are contained in the raw materials they provide (leather, cloths, adhesive substances and others). We are trained by experts to behave in compliance with the most recent regulations in force (Reach and CLP).
In our company, we monitor the status of the machinery system and equipment, substance emissions, vibrations and environmental stress, we carry out phonometric analyses and we take several measures with the aim of safeguarding pregnant employees.
While creating our shoes, we carefully study how to apply labels to the inside sole to make it comfortable for people who wear it.
These and much more precautions are adopted learning from our experience and listening to the advice of professional dancers in partnership with us: they test our shoes during sport competitions or in our Testing Room, where all shoes undergo weigh, repeated effort and stress such as foot sweating. This is how our shoes ensure the best hygiene, moisture absorption and transpirability.