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Will she like the Caricia sandal or the Molinete model better? The red satin or the black one?

When you are unsure about what to give, the Paoul GIFT CARD Paoul is the best decision.

It is a gift card that you can give to whoever you want.

Activating it is really simple: you can choose between different amounts - from 50 up to 300€ - and then you can have it delivered by email, on a predefined day, or deliver it in person. Of course, you can also add a personalized message, to joke, tease, vex, or communicate anything you want.
We love these things.

The person who receives it can use it at will to go shopping on our website or in our Paoul store in Padua and choose independently the product they prefer. So you will have the security of making a gift always appreciated.
Delicious, isn't it?

Customize here the GIFT CARD to give to the one you love

An email will arrive at this address with details of the Paoul GIFT CARD you are purchasing and your personalised message. Attached, the recipient will also find a pdf explaining how the gift card works.
Would you like to deliver the GIFT CARD Paoul in person? Enter your e-mail address here, so that you can print out the pdf and wrap the gift yourself!

It's important that the person who receives your gift knows that it was you who thought of it!
So give them your name, or the nickname you use when you're together: that way the mail will be even more intimate ;)

Why did you think of this type of gift? What makes the person you are sending it to unique to you? Is there something you want to tell her that you have never told her? Or something you want to share with her in the future?
This is your space: write down everything you feel and make your gift even more special.


Do you want to send the e-mail with the details of your gift immediately or on a particular day? You decide according to your convenience.

Have you received a GIFT CARD as a gift and want to learn more,
or would you like to give one as a gift?

Read here and then enjoy!

It is a voucher for the purchase of physical products and its issue does not imply the processing of personal data.

The Paoul GIFT CARD can be used for purchases at this site and in the Paoul store in Padua, in via Turazza 1, to replace or supplement the other payment methods.

With the Paoul GIFT CARD you can buy all physical products on the Paoul direct sales channels (this site and our store in Padua).

You cannot use a Paoul GIFT CARD to purchase another Paoul GIFT CARD or other services.

The Paoul GIFT CARD has a validity of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Paoul assumes no responsibility in the event of loss, theft, illegibility or expiry of the Paoul GIFT CARD.

Using it is really easy.

If you shop at our Paoul store in Padua, in via Turazza 1, just show it at the checkout.

When shopping on our site, all you have to do is look at the products you like, choose the one / s you prefer and add to your cart.

Is everything there? Once you have finished your shopping, enter the cart page and enter the GIFT CARD code in the reserved space.

If the amount of your order is lower than the value of the GIFT CARD, don't worry: you won't lose anything, you can use the remaining credit even later, for your next purchases.

If, on the other hand, the amount of your purchase exceeds the value of the GIFT CARD, simply integrate the payment with the method that is most convenient for you.

The credit balance of the Paoul GIFT CARD does not accrue interest and cannot be converted into cash.

In case of block or doubts, you can contact our assistance service by calling the number +39 049 8790025 or write to

Our customer support is available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

Paoul reserves the right to refuse a payment with the Paoul GIFT CARD if payment is not possible due to a technical problem or malfunction.

The Paoul GIFT CARD is issued by Paoul srl.


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  1. Riccardo Bergamo

    Mia moglie ama il tango e ha una collezione di scarpe Paoul. Poco prima del suo compleanno ha cominciato a lanciare segnali a tutta la famiglia: voleva un nuovo modello per ricominciare a ballare dopo i lockdown. Noi uomini però sappiamo cosa succede se poi il colore non è quello giusto o il tacco non è esattamente alto/basso quanto vorrebbe… La gift card mi ha salvato dal rompicapo. L’ho acquistata e gliel’ho consegnata, così lei ha potuto divertirsi a scegliere da sola la scarpa che preferiva!

  2. Tamara Roma

    Io sono incorreggibile, arrivo sempre in ritardo con i regali. Per fortuna ci sono soluzioni come questa, che ti permettono di fare sempre e comunque un regalo gradito senza dover passare le giornate a scegliere…

  3. Giada Trieste

    La Gift Card di Paoul è il regalo ideale quando vuoi far contenta un’amica senza rischiare di sbagliare qualcosa. E poi non ti serve nemmeno uscire di casa per acquistarla! Comodissima

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