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Dance: your chance to stand out.

Do you like originality and are you always looking for something new? You must like special dances, such as Country-Western, Tap or Flamenco. Did you know that the taps used for sounding out the beat while dancing Tip-Tap were originally wooden-made and that on May 25th the United States of America celebrate the national Tap Dance day? Here you can find our shoes selection. They are all designed with the aim of respecting your well-being due to continuous product testing carried out by international professional dancers, in order to ensure all the features required on the dance floor including stability, flexibility and transpiration.
Each pair of shoes can be customized according to your specific needs. They are very long-lasting because of the quality of materials and their duration can be can further increased thanks to our Maintenance service.
Have a look through them and decide which shoes are the best for you.

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White LeatherWhite Leather

Hop Step

New Style for Boogie Woogie!

Black LeatherBlack Leather


Breathe the Country style of Grapevine

Kaki CrustKaki Crust


Wear the unique style of Sailorstep

Black Nappa LeatherBlack Nappa Leather


Wear Monterey for your competitions

Nude Nappa LeatherNude Nappa Leather


Choose the flexibility of Hook

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