Historical Reenactment

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Have you ever wondered how many souls are there in our body? How many wishes and feeling make us escape from reality to imagine other worlds, historical periods, and lives? Dream is possibility. It enables us to go where nobody has ever dared, overcome obstacles, limits, inflexibility, discover hidden sources and multi-faced mysteries. This is what we love. For many years we have been creating original footwear for historical re-enactment and all types of performance to celebrate the unlimited desire of individuals to discover the path of their own imagination. Our shoes are comfortable, historically accurate and customizable in many ways and match with the most refined and special costumes ensuring movement lightness even after many hours. We want to be with you when you are a VXIII-century dame, a charming Middle Age lady, a woman from ancient Rome or a lady at the Sun King’s court. Or when you are whoever you want to be.

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Cream LeatherCream Leather
Cream LeatherCream Leather
Antique Pink SatinAntique Pink Satin
Cream SatinCream Satin
Black SatinBlack Satin
Ivory SatinIvory Satin
Venetian Red SatinVenetian Red Satin
Cream LeatherCream Leather
Cream LeatherCream Leather
Camel SuèdeCamel Suède
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