The XX Century

Elegance from the near past.

It is referred to as the short century due to the number of historic events that occurred. The XX century is the Belle Époque age in terms of fashion: the formal elegance of this period emerges from suits consisting of a jacket, a vest, trousers and accessories to add liveliness. If you chose this period for your themed party or historical re-enactment, you are certainly a determined man, who is also full of ideals, strong and self-confident. If you want to complete your suit, here you can find the best shoes for historical re-enactments: they are created with philological care and provide such comfort that you can wear them all day, thanks to high-quality materials and our innovative study concerning design. Our shoes can be customized so as to adapt them to your fit or specific requirements related to color or costume style. Furthermore, you can revive our products after wearing them for many years.
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