The Italian shoes for ceremony which offer you elegance and extraordinary comfort

Paoul's Wedding & Gala Collection

You should make the most of the special events in your life. Whether it is your wedding or the one of someone you love, a graduation party, a special promotion, the christening of the youngest child of your family, an elegant business dinner, or just a family meeting and you want to look at your best, they are all important occasions that mark your life. We believe that you should feel well and comfortable and be able to move freely, showing everyone your energy without difficulty.

Paoul knows it well and for this reason our shoes are created with great care to make them gently and safely envelop your feet. Our 100% Italian ceremony shoes are the result of a nearly 100-years-old footwear tradition, innovation devices and trustworthy product testing to ensure the best performance.

Forget about rigidity, pain and heaviness. Have a look through our models: they are all extremely comfortable.

This is how our wedding and event shoes are produced: they are very elegant, balanced, flexible, transpiring and extremely comfortable even after wearing them for many hours In these pages, you can find all the most suitable models for you. If you are looking for something very special, with our Customization service we can meet all your needs. After the event, you can also request this service if you want to make your shoes more casual for a daily use.