Can I customize a product or request a custom-made item?
Yes, every item from all Paoul lines can be customized. You can also order a Tailored shoes, completely custom-made. Alternatively, you can decide to order an item which is in-between the two options, starting from an existing model and requesting many customizations. For any further information, visit this page.
How much does the customization service cost? What about the Tailored service?
Customization costs vary according to your requests as there is a specific price for each service. Regarding our Tailored service, after having talked to the customer we define all the activities that we are going to carry out and we make a specific price quote.
Do you provide a guarantee for Paoul customized products?
In case of defectiveness, we immediately replace your footwear. As for the rest, our shoes are famous for their long duration!
Are there special offers?
For special occasions, we do offer some promotions. We suggest keeping an eye on our e-shop: sales are in evidence there.
I have an old pair of Paoul shoes which I would like to repair. What should I do?
You can contact our Customer Service and send us a picture of your shoes, requesting assistance for the Maintenance service. We will carry out a feasibility analysis and make a price quote for you. Once it has been approved, you can send us your shoes (or you can drop them off at one of our resellers). Your footwear will be repaired and delivered back to you. If the reseller you turned to does not provide this service, contact us directly.
How can I get advice on Paoul products?
There are many options available: you can visit one of our resellers or contact us via chat, e-mail, phone or video call. Our sales advisors will be delighted to help you, advising you on your purchase as well as use and shoe care, so that you can make the most of your Paoul shoes.
How can I get more information on the products?
Besides properly reading our website pages, you can contact us whichever way you prefer: going directly to one of our resellers, calling us, sending us an e-mail or writing in the chat. We will be happy to speak with you about our products!
Which is the best way to take care of my Paoul shoes?

Follow the instructions that you can find here for shoe care and maintenance.

How can I choose the ideal heel height for my dance shoes?

Good question! There are many factors that you should consider: the aesthetics, which is related to a person’s height or special needs concerning costume/performance/occasion; moreover, your safety, stability and habits. For instance, there are women who totally feel comfortable walking in 12 cm heels or those who do not feel safe in heels, which are higher than 5 cm. Our advice is to choose shoes that make you feel at ease and enable you to move lightly and nimbly. Rather than purchasing very high shoes and then requesting to lower your heels (we do not provide this service, as we know that it would compromise the whole stability of the shoes – basically, you would not be able to walk with them anymore), we suggest choosing heels, which are gradually higher than the ones you usually wear. Therefore, if your aim is to wear a 10 cm heel, but you normally use flat courts, you can start with 5 cm heels and then move to 8 cm shoes, depending on how you feel.

Are all the items from all collections available on the website?

Yes, on our website you can find all the products from all the updated collections.

Where are Paoul shoes manufactured?
All our shoes are manufactured in Italy, in Saonara, a small city near Padua in the Shoe District of Riviera del Brenta.
Where do production materials come from?

All our suppliers are exclusively Italian. We request them to provide the guarantee that all material processing (such as tanning and so on) is carried out in Italy.

Who designs Paoul's lines?

Cinzia Pizzocaro is Paoul’s creative soul: she is Paolo’s daughter (the founder) who took the reins of her father's activity and began designing all collections. The creative process behind the product lines results from the cooperation between the production and commercial departments, which both analyze current trends and customer needs.

Are Paoul shoes resistant?

Definitely! They can last for decades!

Are Paoul shoes safe for the health?

Absolutely! Safety is one of our core values. We ensure it with absolute certainty due to our careful selection of materials, the strict observance of laws and the fulfilment of the excellence requirements established by the footwear tradition as well as the use of the latest technological devices (such as water-based glue, that we use for insoles, so as to provide the best transpiration).

How do I know if a model suits me?
You can visit one of our resellers and directly try on the shoes you like; alternatively, if you live far away or you are not able to visit us, you can request our support service via video call.


What is the Comparator?
The comparator, which you will find with the double arrow icon, let you compare immediately up to three Paoul items. If you are visiting a product page, click on "Compare", or if you are on the main category page, click on the double arrow icon on the products you want to compare. The items will be loaded on the comparator so that you will have a general overview of their features.
What is a Wishlist?
The icon with a heart represents the list of your wishes (Wishlist). Here you can save all the items you are interested in, to remember them easily. To add to the Wishlist a product, from the product page, you just need to click on the button with the heart icon "Add to wishlist" (you can remove from your Wishlist any items you want clicking on the cross icon). You can add items to your wishlist also from the main category section, using the same method. If you click on the heart icon in the main menu, you can see whenever you want the saved items, change them and if you click "Select options" you can order them.
I would like to gift a product, but I do not know what to choose…
We created Paoul GIFT CARD with this purpose! It represents a nice gift, available in different amounts, that you can purchase and gift to who you want. The person who will receive it, can use it both online and in our Store in Padua (via Turazza 1). In this way s/he can select what s/he prefers and you will be sure that you gifted something s/he appreciated. Here you can find all the details.
I want to make a present with a Paoul product. How can I do it?
When proceeding with an order, select the option "Ship to a different address" and insert the address. Here you can also add a customized message you would like to attach.
When will my payment be charged?

Your payment will be charged according to your bank conditions. Your card will be charged when the transaction will be successfully completed. With regard to credit card, there might be some issues with the transaction if you exceed the credit limit or in case of expired credit card. Your bank will give you all the information you need regarding your card and the different options available for payment.

How do I know if my order or payment were successfully completed?

Once the payment has gone through with the method you prefer, the page will inform you when the purchase will be successfully completed. Then, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and providing a summary of the purchased items as well as your order number.

Is it possible to change the currency?

No, all prices are in euro.

Are taxes and additional costs applied to catalog prices?

On the purchase page, you will be immediately displayed delivery costs and whether VAT is applied or not. For extra EU countries where VAT is not applied, there will be customs duties, which will be charged directly to the customer.

Which are the payment methods available?

You can choose your favorite method between:

  • bank transfer
  • credit card (via Stripe)
  • PayPal
  • prepaid cards
  • Postepay (for Italy)
  • Cash on delivery
I'm not sure about my size. What can I do?

We suggest you reading this page and download our size guide. Here, you can find detailed instructions on how to find the right size for each model and heel height.

Where can I check product availability?
In the product page, after specifying the characteristics of the item you would like to purchase, you will find the information about its availability under the button " Add to cart". If the item is not ready in stock, you can order it and within 30 days it will be yours.
I forgot my account password…
Something that can happen! Visit this page, fill in again your account name or your email address and we will send you a link to create a new password.
How can I create an account?
When you are placing an order, after putting the details for the invoice, you can click on the option "Would you like to create an account" and follow the instructions. You can log out whenever you want by clicking on "Logout" and log in again by clicking the icon with a small man, filling in your email address and password where you see "log in". Or, you can also register from this page by clicking directly on the "account" icon at the top of the menu.
Do I need an account to place an order?
You do not need an account, as you can purchase in our shop also without it. However, having a Paoul account is an advantage: you will have access to a reserved area, where you can have a look at your past orders and monitor the new ones. Paoul account will simplify your life: whenever you buy, it will not be necessary to fill in your data, as they will be already stored.
How can I order Paoul products?
It is easy! Go to the page of your favorite product and select its characteristics (i.e. color, heel type, heel height and size) and the quantity you would like to purchase. Click on "Add to cart". On the top of the page you will see the confirmation and the option "View your cart". You can now continue with your shopping or visit the section "See my cart" or the icon with the bag on the top menu. In this page you will find the summary of the product/s you selected and the total amount. Here can also modify the quantity of the items (remember to click on "Update cart" to save the changes) or to delete some of them. Click then to "Proceed to checkout". The next page shows the check out section, where you can log in, if you have not done it yet. You can also add the discount or gift card code; fill in the information about invoice and shipping address; specify requests for the delivery; select the payment method you prefer. Click on "Proceed with the order" and go on with the payment with the method you selected. The order is now placed! We will send you an email with the summary of your order and the code to keep it monitored.


Are the personal information that I provided in my account kept private?
Sure: your information is used to process your orders only by the authorized co-workers, in compliance with the general Regulation for personal data protection (GDPR).
Can I use my credit card safely?
Yes, we use PayPal and Stripe to guarantee the best security standard.


How will my order be delivered?

The courier will deliver it directly to the address that you provided.

Can I track the delivery status?
Sure! If you need to monitor the delivery, you can contact us and we will provide the tracking number.
Can I add products to an order?
If the order has not been placed yet, you can continue to add the product you like to your cart. If the order has already been confirmed, and you want to add other items, you will need to place a new order.
Can I change the delivery address after the order has been dispatched?
Yes, before having your item delivered you will receive an e-mail or a message from the courier, which will enable you to confirm or change the delivery address or choose to collect your parcel from a TNT/FEDEX POINT.
Do I need to sign something when I receive my order?

Yes, generally you do: when you receive the parcel you are usually requested to sign on a digital device, although it is not currently required due to safety measures for Covid-19.

Is there an insurance on my order? What happens if it gets lost?

We work with TNT/FEDEX, which are among the best international couriers. Don’t worry: we will take care of insurance activation if we believe that is necessary.

Which are the delivery costs and times?

Delivery takes from two up to seven days, depending on the destination country. Costs range from 10€ to 38€, according to the geographical area and the type of delivery requested (standard, express or cash on delivery). We suggest reading here for all details.

Can I request delivery to more than one address for the same order?
The courier only delivers to one single address, so the ideal solution will be to place different orders.
Are there any restrictions for some items?

No, all Paoul products are delivered without any issue.


How can I return goods?

Contact us and ship back the product following our instructions.

How can I request the RAN (return authorization number)?

You can contact us for your return authorization within 14 days after receiving your order.
Send us an e-mail at paoul@paoul.com, writing as the object “RETURN – ORDER N° [number of your order]”. In your e-mail, provide full details of the product (you can copy the full description on the label attached to the front of the box) and explain the reason why you want to return the item; After receiving our return authorization, you can pack the item.
Return your Paoul shoes in their original and complete packaging (box, folding tissue paper, fabric bag etc.) with a copy of the purchase invoice and the e-mail requesting the return.
We will book a free-of-charge pick-up from the address that you provided.


I do not live in Italy, but I would like to get advice from Paoul. Is it possible?

Of course. We can talk over the phone or take advantage from one of the digital opportunities, such as video calls.

Can I send you samples of my costume/ceremony dress, so that you can produce my shoes using the same material?

Sure, you can send us the samples. We will analyze the material to establish if it meets the resistance requirements for shoe production. If the fabric is not appropriate as it is too thin/fragile/unsuitable for manufacturing, we can propose a valid alternative, which will be as close as possible to the color, pattern or fabric consistency of your dress.

Can I adapt Paoul shoes to my scene costume through the Customization service?

Of course. If you have more specific needs related to your costume, we can also create custom-made shoes: a unique Tailored model which will only be yours.

What does the Maintenance service offer?

Thanks to our Maintenance service, we can repair some details of your Paoul shoes and enable you to carry on wearing them in complete safety, as you like.
In this page, you can find a detailed explanation of the range of services that we provide.

What does the size support service consist of?

We provide this service, in order to enable all customers to find the right size for their shoes, even when they have a peculiar foot shape.


I am a dancer. Can I be sponsored by Paoul?

Send us either your personal or couple artistic CV. We will carefully read it and evaluate your achievements with a meritocratic approach; we will contact you if we are interested.

I would like to work for Paoul. Can I apply?

Certainly, send us your CV directly to our general e-mail address. We will analyze your profile and contact you if we are interested.

I am a journalist and I would like to write an article about Paoul. Who can I talk to?

You can contact us whichever way you prefer and we will schedule a call.

I am a teacher and I would like to arrange a visit at your company with my students. Is it possible?

Sure. We are happy to organize guided tours and special events to visit our company in full compliance with safety measures for Covid-19. We kindly ask to contact us, in order to book your visit; in this way, we will be able to ensure the best organization; when we reach at least 15 participants, we will contact you to confirm date and time of the event. We request a symbolic contribution of 10 euro per person, so as to cover the expenses.

I would like to get support for my business opening. Is it possible to be advised in this respect?

Sure. Our Paoul Partner Program offers several advice services in relation to our products: from business strategy to the most concrete commercial aspects, there are many topics covered by our training.

Can I request specific learning sessions according to my business?

Yes. You will be supported while you place your first order, so as to make it efficient and in line with your customers. For more specific advice, you can request our Paoul Partner Program, which offers several opportunities for support and growth. To start with, we suggest reading here and then contact us, so that we can discuss and get into detail about your needs.

Does Paoul Academy organize training courses only once a year?

Before the Covid-19 emergency, Paoul Academy learning courses were held in person every year. Nevertheless, over the last months we take advantage of the tools offered by technology and the online world, in order to organize monthly webinars for our resellers. We hope that our courses and appointments in person will be back soon, but we will also frequently propose online updating courses.

How can I keep up with your news?

If you are on social media, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: we update our pages with interesting and useful contents every day. If you like Pinterest, you can also find inspiration there and save the models of our shoes, which caught your attention. In our website, the section Paoul Gazette will display time by time the main news, special contents and detailed information. And, if you really do not want to miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter: every month, we will keep you updated about what is going on, besides providing advice, practical instructions and much more.

I would like to have more information about the history of the company. What should I do?

To start with, you can read our history step by step here. If you have more detailed questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


How will I be trained on Paoul products?

If you want to know a bit more about our training proposals, we invite you to read here or contact us for even more detailed information on Paoul Partner Program.

Can I resell Paoul shoes on my e-commerce?

Certainly. Contact us and let's discuss about it together.

Can I get free samples of Paoul shoes?

We generally do not provide free samples of our products.

I would like to become a Paoul reseller. What can I do?
First of all, read here. For further information, contact us.


Can I apply as a dance teacher for Paoul events?

Yes, send us your artistic CV. We will read it and carefully make an evaluation according to our meritocracy standards; we will contact you if we are interested.

Can I organize an event in Paoul Testing Room?

Sure. Contact us: we will discuss about your idea and schedule a visit.

Can I organize a presentation of your shoes in my dance studio?

Yes, we will propose a presentation either online or in person, depending on the situation or the period.

I have a dance studio and I would like to sell Paoul shoes to my students. What should I do?

First of all, we will carry out an analysis, in order to figure out if there are already other Paoul resellers who meet specific and suitable requirements in the reference area. In this case, we can start a collaboration on more levels. Otherwise, if there are no suitable Paoul resellers in the reference area, we can directly collaborate with your dance studio.


I would like to discuss about an innovative product with Paoul. Who can I talk to?

Contact us; after making a preliminary evaluation of your project, the most suitable member of our team will contact you.

Can I have a work experience at Paoul?

Yes, we are happy to welcome students for work experience or school/work alternance. Our availability varies depending on the period and how busy our team is. Contact us and we will inform you about our availability.

I would like to invite a member of Paoul’s team to give a lecture to my students. Who can I talk to?

Feel free to contact us explaining the topic you would like to cover during the lecture. According to the topic, the most suitable member of our team will contact you.

I would like to write my dissertation about Paoul. What can I do?

Over the years, we have been involved in many dissertation projects and interviewed by students and PHD specialists from different universities. Contact us and we will schedule a visit or an online appointment to discuss about it: we are very happy to get back to you. We only ask the courtesy of providing a copy of your completed dissertation, so that we can approve it.

How can I collaborate with Paoul for research projects?

We are enthusiastic about collaborating for innovative research projects. Contact us and the most suitable person of our team for your research will get back to you as soon as possible.


Can I safely place an order through the website?

Yes, in our factory all safety procedures are followed in full compliance with the law.

Do you deliver your products to all countries?

Yes, we deliver Paoul products to all the countries covered by the international couriers with which we collaborate.

Can I return goods?

Yes, you can return all the items of our collections that you purchase online. Custom-made or customized products are not returnable, unless there are manufacturing defects.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time changes according to the item: if it is available in stock, its delivery will be immediate. Otherwise, if the product needs to be newly manufactured, you will receive it approximately within a month.

Are Paoul stores open in this period?

Of course. Many Paoul resellers are open. As we noticed that many stores have currently changed their opening hours, we suggest directly calling or writing an e-mail to the reseller you are interested in, in order to make sure that it is open or schedule an appointment. If you live in Padua or are visiting the Veneto region, you can contact our Paoul Store in Padua.

Can I contact the customer service?

Sure. You can call us from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.. Also, you can send us an e-mail or use the website chat (it is active 24/7) and we can schedule a video call. Alternatively, you can go to our store in Padua, which is open back-to-back from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visit this page.

Haven’t you found an answer to your questions?
Our Customer Service is at your disposal!

Contact us