The most appreciated shoes by dancers from around the world

Paoul's Dance Collection

You are in the room looking in front of you with your hands along your hips. Your senses are waiting. A rustle coming from a chair in the back. You brush against the cloth that envelops you. Breath falls silent, before getting deeper. Before music.

We know the energy coming from dance very well. From the 1960s, we design and create 100% Made in Italy shoes for enthusiasts and professional dancers from around the world. Our shoes are worn by the greatest dancers during international competitions or the most prestigious performances. Argentine tango, ballroom, Caribbean dances, waltz or more particular dances such as oriental or country, whatever discipline you perform, Paoul creates beautiful and comfortable shoes for you. They ensure balance, stability, flexibility and transpiration: ideal features for an excellent performance.

How can we provide this? We base our knowledge on the footwear tradition of the Riviera del Brenta (the most famous Shoe District for elegant shoes in the world), we integrate it with the best innovation discoveries and we listen to the advice of international professional dancers in partnership with us. They constantly test the prototypes and give us their feedback, so that the performance of our shoes becomes perfect on the dance floor. Moreover, all our models are extremely long-lasting because of the quality of design and materials. If necessary, after a few years and a lot of practice, our Maintenance service can give you the possibility to revive your shoes and repair them.

Do you have specific needs for a show, or would you like to give more originality to a dance shoe of the catalog? We thought about it: our Customization service enables you to choose the details of your shoes and be satisfied with your expectations.

Wearing a Paoul shoe, you can be sure to have the best to express yourself with music.
Read through these pages and choose your ideal shoes.