The Middle Age

For fearless and courageous parades.

Are you as brave and noble-minded as an old-fashioned knight? For sure, during historical re-enactments everyone will be staring at you. If you want to increasingly capture your audience, you have to improve your costume head-to-toe: from your feathered hat and precious cloak to the characteristic pointy leather shoes. We recreate them with philological care and great attention to comfort: our tradition, innovative knowledge and constant product testing enable us to ensure the best well-being even if you have to stand for many hours, to the point that you will not even feel you are wearing our shoes! What if you have a peculiar foot shape? In this case, or if you want to make some changes to your footwear, we provide a Customization service to adapt our models to your specific needs. Besides, thanks to our Maintenance service, you can increase the duration of your shoes, even after wearing them for many years.
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