The XX Century

Rigor, growth and war.

This is the Belle Époque time, when ladies wore fluctuating dresses that recalled the world of nature, which provided them with a new freedom of movement.
Bell-shaped skirts or skirt pants, fur shawls softly wrapped around the shoulders, only a few ornaments and a special attention to hats, which were embellished with feathers, flowers and decorations. At their feet you could see the typical pointy ankle boots with side buttons. If you chose this period for your historical re-enactment, here you can find the best shoes for you; their creation derives from the combination of handcrafted tradition and innovation, in order to offer you beauty and long-lasting comfort. Feel free to choose the shoes you like: even if your foot shape is very peculiar, we can adapt any model to your specific needs.
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Venetian Red SatinVenetian Red Satin
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