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2014 September, 03

"Posidonia" by Stefano Sandonnini.


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"Posidonia" by Stefano and Weronica Sandonnini is a trip "beyond" reality where the thought of the individual flies free, animated by the wind of imagination and by the desire to transcend the limits of rationality. It combines the art of photography with digital painting being inspired by the inimitable visual effect of the movement of Posidonia, an aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and of extreme rarity and usefulness. Finally, it represents the expression devoid of any control exercised by the intellect, giving space to the imaginative possibilities of the unconscious. Aren't you curious to see the picture? It will be shown in a preview Friday at the charity event Women's Night that will be held at Venice Lido. So the Venice festival, is not only about movies, but also about photography, art and charity.

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Stefano Sandonnini: was born in Turin in 1967, after high school he graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan, where he began his career as an assistant of the fashion photographer Bob Krieger. His passion for photography and the creative research take him to the United States, where, in New York, he collaborates with the photographer Fabrizio Ferri. He returns to Europe to start his own business as a freelancer working with prestigious brands like Alberto Biani, Alberta Ferretti, Carrera, Safilo, Silk & Soie, Axo Sport, M- Tech, also with the editorial staff of "Cosmopolitan", "Esquire" and "Bazar" in Czech Republic and recently with the magazine "Men's Health" in Italy. During his career, you can notice a particular sensitivity for sports that he transfers into his works performed for companies like Petrarca Rugby, Acqua & Sapone Basketball, Volleyball Technogas, World Championship, World Cup Skiing and Special Olympics. The professionalism in his job and his ongoing personal research allowed him to inaugurate his first solo exhibition with the municipality of Padua, entitled SPORTS PASSION, where he photographed international level athletes and Olympic champions making portraits of intense emotionality and, thus, experiencing a great success with the public as well as with the critics. The exhibition MARGHERA Immensity of Inspirations is the freshest innovation in photography, where the photography is considered to be not only a mean to portray but also to create pictures rich in colour and graphic elements. With the photographs of Marghera, Sandonnini transforms the ruins into a huge work of art recalling the history that has influenced the past. Stefano Sandonnini, as a photographer, expresses his creativity in various horizons demonstrating the ease and skill by ranging from reportage to portraits always with great attention to the details, making his photos unique and full of emotions. Following his carrier path he lets us know about the fascinating cultures of other peoples, such as the reportage in Camargue, where he portrays the interesting features of the Gypsies by participating with them in the procession of Santa Maria del Mare. In his project PATAVINIUS he faces the challenge of photographing 1000 persons, honoring the citizens of Padua by giving them the possibility of being in the photobook dedicated to people. Not only he creates a remarkable event at Palazzo della Gran Guardia, but he also gives to the citizens of Padua a unique memory of their origin. Sandonnini is a master in expressing his sensitivity towards the persons he sees: he's capable of finding the peculiarities of everybody. Always looking for new projects, he nurtures his love towards creativity and towards the art of photography.