Non-profit project: "VISIONI. Surreal stories."

2014 August, 11

"L'Amor sospeso" (Lit. Hanging love) by Alberto Lisi aha Hikari Kesho.


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June shot is a fairy tale, interpreted with modern elements, that gets lost in the night of times: two lovers in a hug full of passion that only a tango step knows how to interpret, a building that takes us back to past times and lets us imagine the big rooms of castles, the ones between fairy tale and reality, witnesses of extravagant dances and love stories, a place that under the romantic light of a full moon hosts the two protagonists… and the strings, that seal the bond between the two lovers, suspend them between the sky and earth in a sort of levitation, outside of time, outside of the reality that surrounds them, where the lovers are the only reality and everything else is imagination!


This is the June of the calendar Visions for the IOV, interpreted by Alberto Lisi, photographer and visionary, explorer of beauty boundaries.

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Photographer and Shibari artist: Alberto Lisi aka Hikari Kesho

Dancers/models: Diana Tess and Samuel Fragiacomo

Stylist: Yvonne Vionnet

Makeup artist: Veronica Lisi

Video making and editing: Stefano Lisi

Photo back stage: Maddalena Patrese

1st Assistant Photographer: Vinicio Clumsy

2nd Assistant Photographer: David Nicolè

Fittings for shows: Master service of Michelon Paolo (Abano Terme)

alberto lisi


Alberto Lisi is passionate about photography since the age of 10, when he received his first camera as a gift from his grandfather who was a lover of this form of expression too and whose Volklander Alberto still treasures. At the age of 18 he enrols at the Photo Club Padova and attends its activities until 1985 when he becomes a professional, winning a lot of awards at exhibitions and photography contests. As expert he specializes in fashion photography and works with one of the most important companies in the field: Alviero Martini, Romeo Gigli, Gianfranco Ferre, Mariella Burani. Thanks to his continuous research of new methods of expression, in 1992 he signs with Safilo his first campaign of international level (model Randy Ingermann) using techniques of film treatment that gave him results that today one can obtain only with the help of a computer. If fashion photography is his job, photographing women is his passion. In 1997 he was asked to participate in the exhibition "The Body Illustrated" at the Castle of Mesola, a collective exhibition on the history of tattoo that places his works next to those of Gian Paolo Barbieri, Oliviero Toscani; Bruce Weber and other big names of the international photography.

He is one of the pioneers of digital photography, in 1998 the magazine Photo dedicates him 4 pages for a service realised with a digital camera for Replay. The same year the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino invites him to host a meeting with the students on fashion photography. In 2002 one of his photos made for the designer Ferrè, was chosen to candidate for the award “Eyeaward 2002", the international award "dedicated to advertising and considered to be the most innovative and brilliant in the eyewear sector". He will get the second place, behind only Christian Dior!

alberto lisi

Since then, the commercial photography, the one linked to the world of advertising and fashion, and the artistic photography, continued to bring him great success and gratification. His talent in the field of commercial photography was strengthened in other 30 years of experience, the artistic photography instead, brought him more and more recognition from public enriching his exhibition list in art galleries, publications, magazines and photo books, crowning everything with his presence as the only Italian at the Biennial of Photography in Houston, Texas in 2012 and the Biennial Vught in Netherlands in a selection of only five international artists in 2013. The same year he enters the stable of Vecchiato Art galleries, attends Arte Padova and begins a collaborations with the renowned artist Rabarama.

alberto lisi