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2014 August, 08

"Rebus" by David Prando with Marco Chiurato.


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David Prando tells us about the February he created: a provocative and enigmatic photographic project that we will be able to show you from September, when the fundraising will begin.

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Two pairs of wedding shoes from Paoul, for man and woman convey in the provocative world of Marco Chiurato's sugar creatures, artist chosen ad hoc for this occasion.

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"Surrealism, Dadaism and social provocation – explains David – are the sources from which I drew most inspiration for the realization of this picture composed of two complementary images. The marriage is seen as a symbol of unity by some people, an unbreakable chain, but also as a straining to religious dogma for others. In the first image of the composite it is possible to identify three couples of "stylized humanoids". The couple in the centre, heterosexual, is devoid of the head, while the other two pairs of homosexual nature are intact.

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The picture moves in several areas: it shows the desire of some people to get this sacrament, with the appurtenant rights, but also the lack of respect of others who can get it easily and just as easily break it apart.

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The second part of the picture is clearly linked to the concept of the chained couple, symbolized by the handcuffs and by the mismatched shoes that describe the presence of the male and the female in the same figure because we are all "in the same shoes", but also by the ephemeral material, sugar, highly fragile and even edible, as if the persons could feed and free themselves .from captivity thanks to this gesture".

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Photo, idea, production and post-production: David Parndo
Sugar figurines and collaboration on set: Marco Chiurato
Special thanks for collaboration to: Beatrice Bano, participant and muse. Jean Jeanque Gauvin. Pastry Chiurato.



David Prando: is a photographer with Venetian origins, born in Marche Region and grown in Padua. Called Photoimmaginista because photographer is an overused, dismembered, a little misleading and generic term that led him to decide to change name. He graduated in Cinema at DAMS in Padua, and explored his artistic path as experimentalist, photographer, documentarian, controversial filmmaker and visionary of the 60s and 70s. Currently he works in advertising and fashion embracing artistic projects of experimental research. He also works closely with Italian and foreign professionals coming from very different backgrounds: artists, performers, designers, hairstylists, models, Italian and international musicians. In the fashion industry he is working on projects for Italian and international magazines. He created the last eyewear campaign for Replay with Vasco Rossi and Replay Eyewear. He has also worked for famous brands among which, Opposit, TRY Eyewear/Try Change, La Martina, Ferrè, Missoni, V.Westwood, Moschino, Byblos, J.Richmond, Benetton, Sisley, Trudi, Mercedes Benz, Bikkembergs, Roberta di Camerino, Extè, Cerruti, TRY, Frankie Morello, ZeroRH and Alessandro Dell’Acqua.[nbsp]

Marco Chiurato: was born in Marostica on September 13, 1973 where he lives and works. His artistic career begins in 2004 through a manifestation of sculpture, video art and installations. His first commitment is an advertising campaign for Diesel and then the Installation "Bad Kids" for the Festival of Humour in Marostica and his own "Sculpted Passions" - Line 79 of 2005. In order to understand the origin of his actions we have to go back to his job as a pastry chef, that taught him to transform with his hands the sweet raw material in something very beautiful, tasty and of an exciting smell. Over the years he works with important artists such as: Cleto Munari, Alessandro Mendini, Wainer Vaccari, Marisa Laurito, Kim Jules, Luigi Pellanda, Don Backy, Paolo Rossi, Tinto Brass and others. He takes part at Milan Furniture Fair with the performance "Bambini Diversi" (Different children) and the collective "Design Crisis". In 2009 he abusively displays the Epigraph of Cleto Munari at Moma and Guggenheim in NY risking to be imprisoned. The same year he exhibits at "Tangshan", where he destroys three giant sugar chandeliers, making everybody live again the horror of the earthquake. His self-deprecating humour leads him to create the blog "I HATE MARCO CHIURATO" in which several people who know or have known him, become the protagonists of videos where they criticize him both as person and as artist. Among these are: Arisa, Victoria Cabello, Renzo Rosso, Francesco Mandelli, Magda Gomez and Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2011 he was present at the Triennial Design Museum in Milan with "Casanova" and appeared with his work in the journal "MADE". The innate sensitivity of Chiurato toward social problems is present in the performance, "He that is without sin ...", against the stoning of women and, later, in "Inside You", a performance against paedophilia and child exploitation. Besides, he also seeks to raise the awareness of the dramatic reality of Sierra Leone with "Short sleeves/Long sleeves", which has as its testimonial the dancer Samuel Peron.