Non-profit project: "VISIONI. Surreal stories."

2014 August, 07

"Je te veux" (Lit. I want you) by Marco Ambrosi with Caterina Parona.


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Marco Ambrosi is the first photographer that we present you. Together with other eleven artists, Marco joined the project "Visions" that Paoul created in order to raise funds for IOV, Veneto Institute of Oncology. His shot, that we can't reveal you yet, represents the January from the calendar.

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Marco tells us about "Je te veux...”, his masterpiece: "When I was invited to create an image of pure research for Paoul's Calendar, I told myself that this was going to be a magnificent opportunity to launch myself into the professional game that I love most: the team work. So I invited Caterina Parona – as she calls herself "a young, talented photographer" - to which I am linked by a creative and professional friendship; Laura Toffaletti – a great friend, calligrapher of great taste, already partner with her in other projects; Michela Dalla Brea - make-up artist, an old and valued professional acquaintance; Marianna Bellamoli - art buyer and stylist, a new and appreciated acquaintance who, invited to the game by Laura and Caterina, has perfectly integrated the group with humour, style and efficiency.

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Therefore, the image that we entitled “Je te veux...” was born, without any difficulty , but not without commitment, from the dialogue between people with different sensitivities: the details were defined step by step through subsequent integrations, reflections and adjustments, in a continuous debate from the first meeting until the moment of the shooting. Dream and hallucination, ambiguity and desire, eroticism and androgyny. These are the elements that fed the considerations that led us to create "Je te veux ...": surreal, multifaceted and ambiguous vision, in eternal suspense between reality and dream. A rug, a couch, a panel marked by the time or by the hand of an artist.
Two figures: a man and a woman? It's hard to say. It has the appearance of a woman's body that lies abandoned on the mattress, if only for the hint of the bare breast and the lost sandals. Yet the features of the face are tough, vaguely masculine ...

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The same ambiguity characterizes the figure with the open arms sitting beside her staring at her in a silent suspension ... what's his intention? Encircle and protect her or maybe something else? Is he a warrior angel? A demon? Or maybe both of them... The observer can miss the belonging of this individual to the reality, as he cannot decipher the handwritings that in most parts of the scene can be seen. Impossible to know what message they bear and which feelings they express; ambiguous is the tension between the two bodies, in an ambiguous balance between Eros and Thanatos. But maybe he is not even present, maybe she sees him in a dream craving for him unconsciously. One last doubt lingers unresolved: what if they were the same person?

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Photo: Marco Ambrosi and Caterina Parona
Make-Up & Hair-Styling: Michela Dalla Brea
Calligraphy: Laura Toffaletti
Stylist: Marianna Bellamoli
Model: Caterina Parona



Marco Ambrosi: photographer with a long experience, alternates and/or blends advertising, research, training and cultural activities. A big fan of creative metissages, with "Je te veux ..." he did not miss the opportunity to play seriously creating this team and then leading it with a light and firm hand.


Caterina Parona: is a photographer, with a degree in letters. She is the traveling companion of Marco Ambrosi in the profession and in a thousand projects. For Paoul she was both a feminine and a masculine model and a photographer!


Michela Dalla Brea, make-up artist, a definition that she doesn't really like, is working brilliantly for already 10 years guided by the intuition that in building an image both technique and craftsmanship are needed, but above everything else the ability to interpret and materialise the thoughts of everybody. She collaborates with photographers, modelling agencies, broadcasters and production houses of music video clips.


Laura Toffaletti: for other twenty years she has made calligraphy her job, and shoes have always been her passion! She participated in the project by using a non-writing technique using walnut husk combined with decorations of golden leaves on fabric, paper and leather to make the sashimono, inspired by the insignia of war of the Japanese tradition, and the cartouches that adorn the shoulders and arms of the fighter angel.


Marianna Bellamoli: she graduated in Architecture, but had always worked in the communications and entertainment industry. With an eclectic and curious character she alternates in the roles of photographer, designer and stylist for light-fittings, events and shows.


Special thanks for collaboration to: Giulia Pesante ( and Mercante d’Oriente(Sant’Anastasia 34 Street, Verona –