Non-profit project: "VISIONI. Surreal stories."

2014 July, 23

Visioni, a charity calendar for IOV.

2015 Paoul new project starts.

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12 photographers, 12 shots, 12 surreal ideas. The charity project starts from here "VISIONS. SURREAL STORIES", promoted by Paoul – an Italian company that manufactures and sells around the world wonderful shoes – that wanted to involve 12 artists and some exceptional partners in the production of a calendar for 2015 aimed to gather funds for IOV, Veneto Oncology Institute, for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and for cancer research. Particularly, all the proceeds from the sales of these calendars for 2015 will be donated to the Breast Unit and to the U.O.C. of Oncologia Medica 1 of IOV to which the company is emotionally tied because of personal reasons.


Paoul chose a dreamy theme, the "SURREAL", designed to interpret the language of a surrealist photography, in fact, the shoe as an iconic object: 12 "VISIONS of art," 12 innovative shots, unusual and imaginative, to create a series of original representations. The desire was to play with the fleeting line between real and unreal, in order to make it disappear: enhance the diversity, with the introspective approach of each artist that contributes to a unique final result, a mix of traditional photography, personal techniques and digital art.


In order to reach this result, a result closer to the idea of art than to that of a traditional calendar, Paoul selected 12 photographers, from Italy and abroad, asking them to collaborate investing their creativity and their professional resources for a good cause: Marco Ambrosi with Caterina Parona, Matteo Danesin with Matteo Martignon, Alberto Lisi, Roberto Masiero, Rocco Paladino, Luca Patrone with Marco Corbani, Lorenzo Paxia, David Prando with Marco Chiurato, Stefano and Weronica Sandonnini, Lorenzo Scaldaferro with Anna Piratti, Aldo Sodoma with Alessandra Bedin, Gabriele Toso.


The whole charity initiative has been made possible also and above all thanks to the participation of two partners who have supported Paoul contributing with their financial or organizational resources: Typography Asolana for the printing of the calendars and Paola Toffano for the presentation events. The procedure was coordinated and managed by Paoul's Press Office, assignment given to the communication agency Buildidea Group.


In September, during two prestigious events, the project VISIONS will be presented, starting this way the sales for charity. The first one, a preview, will take place on September 5th, during Women's Night organised at Hotel Excelsior, located in Venice Lido and the second one is the official presentation, on September 26th, at the Fashion For IOV event, that will take place at Palazzo della Ragione, Padua. Frida Kahlo said that Surrealism "is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were sure of finding shirts." This is the creative approach that characterises "Visions". We support the research. We support IOV.