18 November 2015

Paoul reveals itself during Open Factory, important event in the North-East of Italy

On November 29 the Shoe Factory opens its doors to public in the context of the biggest opening of industrial and manufacturing culture.

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Paoul takes part in Open Factory, an event where, on November 29, different and important realities of the Venetian entrepreneurial business are the protagonists. The Shoe Factory opens its doors to public during this day dedicated to the event and offers a guided tour and different activities inside the factory, to discover the abilities which are the basis of the creation of Paoul shoes. The purpose of Open Factory is to value the craftsmanship, the districts and the industries of high quality and relevance, which have their seat in the North-East of Italy.
Four are the experiences offered by Paoul for November 29. The first three itineraries will take place inside the seat of the company in Villatora di Saonara (PD), in via Emilia Romagna 12. Instead the Open Museum will take place in via Vigonovese 459A in Padua.

Experience 1 – Tour in the Shoe Factory
Presentation of the company with a special focus on Made in Italy and guided tour in the production laboratory (hours: 15.00, 16.30, 18.00).
An itinerary to discover Paoul and its secrets. A brief history that introduces the company from its birth to its future, without forgetting the present and with a special moment consecrated to the value of Made in Italy. The tour in the world of the Shoe Factory goes on with an itinerary in the production laboratory where the secrets of the creation of Paoul shoes will be revealed. The experience ends in the reign of shoes, the company showroom, a place of irresistible fascination, where you can let yourselves be tempted by a purchase. In honor of this day dedicated also to the value of local craftsmanship, a discount will be offered to be used during the event. Moreover for any purchase there will be a special gift for customers.

Experience 2 – The reign of Paoul Shoes
Sales to public (from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
A special Sunday to taste Paoul manufacturing value and discover the shoes that Venetian artisans create every day with their passion. The shoes of the three collections of the Shoe Factory (Dance, Wedding & Gala and Theatre) will be exposed in Paoul showroom, opened to public during the afternoon of Sunday, November 29. On the occasion of the opening of Open Factory, there will be the possibility to buy the shoes at a discounted price and, for any purchase, you will receive a free special gift.

Experience 3 – Dancing with Paoul
Dance exhibition (7 p.m.)
The most important moment for Paoul is when the shoes are the protagonists of a dance. When the shoes join the fray, the passion of craftsmanship combines with the passion of dancers and the magic happens. A significant closure for this day dedicated to the value of Paoul shoes, with the show in the Test Room of the Shoe Factory. A couple of Paoul testimonials will delight the public with a dance performed with the company shoes.

Experience 4 – Paoul artisan and its history
Open Museum (from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
An itinerary through the time to discover the manufacturing tradition and the production of dance shoes. The history of the Shoe Factory is described through special objects which are part of the Pizzocaro Family's Private Collection. An expert Paoul artisan will accompanies the visitors in the ancient world of dance shoes creation, a leap in the past to get acquainted to working methods and manufacturing curiosities of last century.

For registrations follow the following link to Open Factory's website:

Open Family: the relatives of the employees of the Shoe Factory can access to all experiences, to share altogether the passion and the culture of local craftsmanship. To have more information and to reserve your place write to or call +39 049 8790025.

Paoul and Open Factory
Paoul takes part in Open Factory to communicate, together with the promoters and all participating companies, the force of the Italian manufacturing sector, through a project that aims to develop new forms of cultural and artisanal tourism. The culture, center of the event, and the choice to remark not only to industrial companies but also artisanal laboratories, are the special characteristics of Open Factory. Paoul shares them and wants to communicate them: these are the reasons that contributed to the participation of the Shoes Factory to this manifestation. Open Factory has been organized by Cult Venezie, European Exhibition of Culture, created by the daily newspaper Venezie Post. The event has been realized with the scientific consultation of Fondazione Nordest and the sponsorship of the Confindustria and Confartigianato of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, together with the collaboration of Italian Stories and the main partnership of Quanta Group.

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